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Ukrainian Martial Law Bill Could Pave the Way for Internment Camps to Detain “Anti-Ukrainians”

The article originally appeared at RT Deutsch. Translated for RI by Kristina Aleshnikova


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has spoken in parliament (Verkhovna Rada) in favor of Bill 2451 “On the Legal Regime of Martial Law.” This paves the way for comprehensive curfews as well as the construction of internment camps for “citizens whose native country threatens or is already actively participating in aggression against Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian head of state submitted the document regarding an update to the legal regulation of martial law to parliament on April 3.

The draft, faithful to the Western orientation of its responsible legislative body, stipulates among other things the establishment of internment camps for those “citizens” living in Ukraine whose country of origin threatens or is already actively participating in “aggression against Ukraine.”

A further point that would be covered by the revised martial law would be the introduction of mandatory community service for all able-bodied persons.

In addition, martial law would include expropriation of private or communal property for the needs of the state in defense operations.

Even peaceful gatherings, rallies, marches, and demonstrations could be banned under the reformed martial law.

The bill is also directed against political parties and social organizations that are focused on the “destruction of the independence of Ukraine, the change of the constitutional order by force,” or that “violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, undermine its security, and endanger public health.”

The law also allows for an extension of the curfew and restrictions on entry to and exit from Ukraine as well as a restriction on the right of temporary and permanent residence.

The confiscation of private housing, removal of heads of companies for “dereliction of duty,” and special rules for the manufacture and sale of certain medicines would also be possible if the bill becomes law.




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EMN Annual Conference

The members of the European Migration Network (EMN) met in Riga for an exchange of experience at the first Annual Conference, held in 2015. There were discussions between representatives from industry, Academia, the administration and the political arena under the title “Attracting and Retaining Talent in Europe”. The debate concentrated on the issue of whether and how migration for employment purposes can be steered in order to meet the national demand for labour.
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1ST LEAD Cameron to press Chinese leader on Syria, Hong Kong By Bill Smith

1ST LEAD Cameron to press Chinese leader on Syria, Hong Kong By Bill Smith
In a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing last week, al-Assad adviser Bouthaina Shaaban said her government "welcomes China's positive and important role" in trying to resolve Syria's political crisis, Chinese state media reported.
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Four Syrian hospitals bombed since Russian airstrikes began, doctors say
Khaled Almilaji, the country director of Medical Relief in Syria, said: “The whole world has to be just as angry as they were with what happened in Afghanistan. Their anger must not just be directed at Bashar, who has been inhuman with us, but also at …
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When Britain foresaw Russia's Syria role
Large-scale arming of the regime in Damascus; a muscular display of Russian airpower ; the bombing of hostile forces in Syrian territory; a “war of nerves” with Turkey; warships sent to the Mediterranean to unsettle Nato; the emergence of combat units …
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“Spieler sind keine Pferde”: Klopp kritisiert englischen Verband

Liverpool liegt Jürgen Klopp zu Füßen. Das Heimdebüt des FCL-Trainers gegen Rubin Kasan dominiert die Schlagzeilen auf der Insel. Die Vorfreude ist allerdings getrübt. Nach nicht mal zwei Wochen hat er sich bereits mit dem Verband angelegt. Es geht um einen Nachwuchsspieler.

Afghanistan Kämpfe um Provinzhauptstadt

Afghanistan Kämpfe um Provinzhauptstadt
Afghanistan Kämpfe um Provinzhauptstadt. Nach Kundus versuchen die Taliban nun offenbar die Hauptstadt der Provinz Helmand, Lashkar Gah, zu erobern. 0. Afghanische Spezialkräfte erobern offenbar Kundus zurück · Mehrere Tote bei Angriff auf …
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Afghanistan: US-Panzerfahrzeug durchbricht Krankenhaustor in Kundus
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Shahpoor Chaprehari stammt aus Afghanistan und dient bei der Bundeswehr
Paschtu seine Zweite. Und dann beherrscht er in Grundzügen Farsi, eine weitere Amtssprache in Afghanistan. Weswegen er jetzt dienstlich in einer Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung für Flüchtlinge in Darmstadt eingesetzt war. Als Dolmetscher. “Ein klarer Auftrag …
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Jugend in Afghanistan – Der Massenexodus vom Hindukusch

Jugend in Afghanistan – Der Massenexodus vom Hindukusch
Es gibt nur drei Plätze, an denen sich derzeit in der afghanischen Hauptstadt Kabul in aller Herrgottsfrühe so viele Menschen versammeln. An der Ausfallstraße Richtung Masar-i-Scharif warten täglich Hunderte von Handlangern vergeblich auf Arbeit.
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Afghanistan: Die Tragödie der Militäreinsätze
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Afghanistan: Das Trauma von Kundus
Dass die Taliban Kundus einfach überrennen konnten, hat das Vertrauen in die afghanische Regierung schwer beschädigt. Nicht nur der Gouverneur ist kriegsmüde und würde am liebsten nach Deutschland auswandern. Besuch in einer erschütterten Stadt.
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Russia-Hating John McCain Disappointed that Germany Wants Cooperation with Moscow

The article originally appeared at RT Deutsch. Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova.

Washington needs Europe to bring distress to Russia on the Eurasian Continent. According to US Senator John McCain, the EU is desperately looking for a way to relax the sanctions against Russia. Germany also hopes for the restoration of constructive relations with Moscow.

Speaking to the news agency Sputnik, Republican John McCain, who is considered to be a hardliner in foreign policy, said that the countries of the European Union were not really planning to maintain the US sanctions policy. He admitted:

“The EU has never kept to the transatlantic sanctions regime and will never do so as long as Europe remains dependent on Russian energy resources.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, voiced the opinion in Copenhagen follows the sanctions regime in order to respond to the conflict in Ukraine, although, given the difficult economic circumstances, they hope to restore reasonable co-operation with Russia.

The chancellor then acknowledged that the supposedly unanimous decision of Ukraine to seek to join the European community of shared values ​​and to sign the association agreement has been at great cost to the government in Kiev.

So, while Europe still follows the US sanctions regime, it simultaneously tries as hard as it can to reach an agreement with Moscow. Merkel said that it would continuously take steps – unlike the United States, which advocates comprehensive arms supplies to Kiev – to bring about a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

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