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Attract the Supernormal Powers by Invoking the Sacred Flame from the Temple of Isis and Osiris

Attract the Supernormal Powers by Invoking the Sacred Flame from the Temple of Isis and Osiris

Invoking the sacred flame ritual from the temples of Isis and Osiris in the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the most potent forms of meditation. Ancient Egyptians know the art of releasing the hidden higher spiritual powers of the human psyche through invocation and ritual.

Isis is a primordial goddess of universal power considered as divine mother and lord of fertility and Osiris her husband and brother considered to be the Sun god and the guardian of death.

The sacred flame ritual from the temple of Isis and Osiris is the miracle power based on the true faith. The latent power of your higher self is released when you believe in miracles. The magical power of faith helps in triggering the tremendous power of the subconscious mind. It infuses your higher mind with the power of faith which can heal you of any negative condition in your life

When to use the sacred flame ritual

This mediation is used for solving the problems and overcoming challenges of life, sickness, worries, anxiety, bad habits, lack of money and prosperity.
Manifesting your dreams and aspirations of new job, own house, financial security
To achieve fulfilment in love and marriage and find your soul mate.
To remove the undesirable persons, obstacles, unpleasant conditions from your life.
To raise the inspiration for creative work like painting, writing, singing, composing inventing etc.
Providing divine protections against psychic attacks, witchcraft and black magic
Performing miracle healing for you, your friends and relatives for different physical and mental ailments.
To improve your personality and become more magnetic and attractive.
To achieve spiritual awareness and self realization

Sacred Flame Ritual Outline

Material needed: a small urn [vessel], a candle, some incenses, pieces of blank papers, and a pen.
A quiet and a dark room is used as a sacred shrine of Egypt. Also have incense or other fragrance, which helps the psycho-neurons centres to achieve a state of elevated consciousness.
Before starting the meditation on the sacred flame, write down your requests on the small pieces of papers [use only 5-6 pieces at a time].The request should be brief and to the point.

– I want a new job with the monthly salary of 10,000$

– I wish my own three bedrooms flat in an apartment in a posh locality of the city

– I desire to quit the bad habit of smoking, drinking or gambling

– I desire marriage with [name of the person]

– I wish to attract my true soul mate

– I wish to remove the interference of [name of the person] in my office or home.

– I wish to regulate my blood pressure and blood sugar

– I wish to dissolves my uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts

– I desire higher spiritual awareness.

After you have briefly listed your requests, approach the burning candle with the pieces of papers in your hands.
You may then read the invocation of the sacred flame, which comes from the holy inscriptions found on the walls of temples of Isis and Osiris.

“I now approach to the sacred shrine in the temple of Isis and Osiris to ask for assistance of higher spiritual forces. I now consign to the sacred flame these dreams, aspiration and desires, inscribed on these pieces of, asking that they manifested through creative spirit.

Now read the paper one by one, light them one by one and drop them into the urn letting them to catch fire.

  “I now release the creative power of the sacred flame, to burn away all the obstacles and obstructions that stand in the path of achieving my objective, dreams and desires. I now have full faith that these desires and requests shall be Manifesting on the earth to meet my destiny.”

When the flames have completely died out only charred ashes remains, crumble them up and remove them in a piece of paper to disposed them away from your home.
Repeat the potent ritual after 3 weeks, giving the divine forces enough time to bring your desires in manifestation.
Sometimes the mystical power works at once and some time it takes longer, depending on the level of the faith, the application of the right method and the nature of your request.



Geeta Jha is a spiritual healer, an astrologer and a dedicated disciple of reiki-pranic and huna mystics. She has been helping people with spiritual healing and astrology for over ten years.

Wonders Of Philae: The Temple Of Isis And Other Monuments

Wonders Of Philae: The Temple Of Isis And Other Monuments
Philae was among the last places in Egypt to succumb to Christianity. During the sixth century, after the Romans succeeded to kneel down the old kingdom, the cult of the deity Isis was banned and the beautiful Egyptian construction was transformed into a Christian church. The ancient symbols were scratched off the walls and replaced with crosses but the temple still remained itself, even under the Christian covers. Not long after, Christianity was cast away from the region by Islam, but the new rulers were not interested in the settlement at Philae or the Temple of Isis, so the place was simply abandoned.

The Temple of Isis is, though, the most important site to visit on Philae. It is made of a small court, where a hypostyle hall stands. From there, you can enter the inner temple, impressive with its twelve chambers. The most interesting part of the temple is the sanctuary, where the walls are decorated with hieroglyphs and illustrations of scenes involving pharaohs.

Once inside the inner court, you will notice how pylons are surrounding the temple on its north and south sides while Mammisi is guarding it from the west. The east is guarded by a portico from where you can gain access into some small chambers. Because the north and south Pylons were not erected parallel one with another, the inner court has quite a strange shape.

Mammisi is the name of the Birth Room. Also known as House of the Divine Birth of Horus, which is the son of Isis, the deity honored by this temple. It was erected during the first century of the first millennium. The walls of this room are carved with scenes showing how Isis gave birth to her son, Horus, the god with the falcon head. The sides are guarded by porticos, while on the east, the pylons are adorned with a representation of the goddess that oversees the inner court.

Another impressive construction in Philae is the Kiosk of Nectanebo I. Among the last constructions erected by a pharaoh, the kiosk is also known for the columns topped by the head of goddess Hathor.

Among the Roman vestiges, you will find the Temple of Augustus, erected at the beginning of the first century. The temple is now in ruins, as its stones were carried from here to serve to building new churches by Christians.

Besides the Temple of Isis, there are many other monuments that you can visit in Philae. One is the Gate of Emperor Diocletian. This looks like a Roman triumph arch and was designed in the Roman architectural style. The structure consists of three different arches, with the biggest in the center and the other two flanking it. Nowadays, only the sides still stand; the gate was used by the Romans to gain access to Philae from the north.

Wonders of Philae: The Temple of Isis and Other Monuments is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see in Philae and places to eat.

ISIS releases Assyrian Christian girl in Syria

ISIS releases Assyrian Christian girl in Syria
ISIS has released an Assyrian Christian girl, the last remaining hostage of a group abducted in northern Syria last February. Miriam David Talya was originally supposed to be released on February 22 this year, along with 42 other hostages. However …
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BLACK OPS: Putin sent private military forces on secret missions into Syria
And while Russia's defence ministry says just six servicemen have been killed in Syria, Wagner soldiers have claimed that there have been several dozen fatalities. Maksim Kolganov, a Wagner mercenary, is believed to have been killed in Syria on Feb 3 …
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Russian nuclear-capable Iskander missiles deployed in Syria
Russia has deployed its most advanced tactical missile system, the Iskander-M, in Syria in the last few days, debkafile reports exclusively from its military and intelligence sources. The Russian Iskander is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and …
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Hat Nostradamus ISIS vorhergesagt?

Hat Nostradamus ISIS vorhergesagt?
Nostradamus war bereits zu Lebzeiten für seine vierzeiligen Gedichte berühmt. In den Versen soll er zahlreiche Weltereignisse vorhergesagt haben. Der französische Astrologe des 16. Jahrhunderts wusste angeblich von Napoleon, Hitler und sogar vom 11.
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16-Jährige erzählt | Warum ich von ISIS wieder weg wollte
Vor einem Jahr zog Marlin Stivani Nivarlain aus der schwedischen Kleinstadt Boras in das Herz des irakischen ISIS-Gebiets. Doch dann hat sie es sich anders überlegt. Kurdische Spezialkräfte befreiten die 16-Jährige vergangene Woche aus der …
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UN-Schockbericht zur Lage im Irak | ISIS hält mindestens 3500 Sklaven gefangen

UN-Schockbericht zur Lage im Irak | ISIS hält mindestens 3500 Sklaven gefangen
Erneut haben nun die Vereinten Nationen (UN) die erschütternden Gräueltaten der Terrormiliz im Irak angeprangert. Es gebe „zahlreiche Beispiele für Morde als grausame öffentliche Inszenierungen“, erklärte die UN-Mission für den Irak (Unami) am Dienstag …
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25 Jahre Operation Wüstensturm – der erste Irak-Krieg der USA
Am 17. Januar 1991 startete die “Operation Wüstensturm”. Der damalige US-Präsident George Bush sen. hatte eine breite internationale Koalition zur Befreiung Kuwaits geschmiedet. Iraks Präsident Saddam Hussein ließ er im Amt, um ein Vakuum in der …
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Irak: Drei US-Bürger in Bagdad entführt
In der irakischen Hauptstadt werden drei Amerikaner vermisst. Sie sollen bereits vor zwei Tagen verschwunden sein. Medienberichten zufolge wurden sie von Bewaffneten verschleppt. Drei US-Amerikaner werden in der irakischen Hauptstadt Bagdad …

Krieg ums Öl in Libyen | NASA fotografiert ISIS Offensive aus dem All

Krieg ums Öl in Libyen | NASA fotografiert ISIS Offensive aus dem All
Der Blick aus dem Weltall dokumentiert, was ISIS-Terroristen in Libyen anrichten. Die US-Raumfahrtbehörde NASA zeigt Satellitenbilder brennender Öl-Lager an der Mittelmeerküste in den Städten As Sidr und Ras Lanuf, die in den letzten Tagen von ISIS …
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Libyen: Wühlarbeit zwischen ewigen Gegnern
Am Montag hatten die Terroristen des „Islamischen Staates“ (IS) ihre Attacken auf Ölanlagen im libyschen Al Sidra und Ras Lanuf gestartet. Sie beschossen den Hafen und die Kleinstadt mit Raketen, griffen mit Selbstmordattentätern an, die mit …
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Kein Frieden für Libyen – Erneut furchtbarer Anschlag
Der Hafen wird von Regierungseinheiten der „Petroleum Defense Guards“ bewacht und steht somit unter Kontrolle der offiziell anerkannten libyschen Regierung, auch wenn es in einem Staat, dessen Strukturen völlig zerfallen sind, schwierig erscheint, …
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Tödlicher Zwischenfall bei Kampf gegen ISIS | Anti-ISIS-Koalition bombardiert

Tödlicher Zwischenfall bei Kampf gegen ISIS | Anti-ISIS-Koalition bombardiert
Schwerer Zwischenfall beim Kampf gegen ISIS. Bei einem fehlgeleiteten Luftangriff des von den USA angeführten Bündnisses gegen die Terrormiliz ISIS sind zehn irakische Soldaten getötet worden. Verteidigungsminister Chaled al-Obeidi sagte am Samstag …
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+++ ISIS-Terror im News-Ticker +++ UN-Sicherheitsrat will dem IS das Geld
Wegen Terrorverdachts festgenommener Flüchtling wieder frei. 09.54 Uhr: Der in einer Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Unna unter Terrorismusverdacht festgenommene Mann ist wieder auf freiem Fuß. Der 31-Jährige sei aus dem Polizeigewahrsam entlassen …
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Rätsel gelöst: Was sich hinter dem goldenen Kegel aus Jerusalem verbirgt
Ein Facebook-Aufruf der Behörde brachte binnen weniger Stunden Gewissheit: Der kegelförmige Gegenstand mit Rillen ist keine antike jüdische Reliquie, sondern ein sogenannter Isis-Beamer, der von der deutschen Firma Weber vertrieben wird und …
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German MSM Blacks Out Evidence of Turkey’s Ties to ISIS Oil

Originally Appeared at RT Deutsch. Translated from the German by Susan Neumann

On December 2nd, the Russian Ministry of Defense gave a comprehensive briefing and provided proof related to the allegations that Turkey has been involved in the oil smuggling operation of the “Islamic State.” There's both photographic and video evidence of this, plus maps. In the main German newscasts of ARD and ZDF, there was no mention of this press conference. It was also not mentioned in the national newspapers. Reader comments making reference to the press conference in Moscow were deleted.

The press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the oil smuggling trade involvement of the Erdogan government was the same day on which the German Federal Parliament discussed whether the German army should initiate a military operation with Turkey and in Turkish territory.

Anticipating this connection, the scissors of self-censorship of obedient editors and program managers suddenly became active. It would be difficult to calculate the risk of public opinion if you had to explain to readers and viewers that the military operation of the Federal Republic was to be carried out with a “partner” who was previously found guilty of collaboration with the “Islamic State” and that this was supported by photographic and video evidence.  Oh, then maybe it would be better to play it safe and simply ignore the unpleasant parts.

This tactic might partially work for the fifty-plus age group, who comprise the readership and viewership of most “senior journalists,” but this doesn’t work for a whole generation of digital natives:

Screenshot Stern - Zugeschickt von einem RT Deutsch Leser

Reader:  Hello Stern team, could you please report on the press conference of the Russian Defense Ministry?

Stern: No, there are (other) websites that specialize in that. Best regards.

It’s worth noting that reader comments under the “incomplete” reports, as well as links provided by readers and viewers to the  press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense, were deleted in the forums of the public broadcasters and the national print media, or they were never approved to begin with.

A prime example of this kind of “fraudulent journalism” is die Zeit magazine in its article, “Türkei wirft Russland “Lügen” wie zu Sowjetzeiten vor” (Turkey Accuses Russia of Soviet-Era Lies). The article manages to cover Erdogan’s accusations against Moscow, but they neglect to mention or show any of the findings presented by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Several reader comments under the article pointed out that the references to the press conference in Moscow were deleted.

Screenshot ZEIT

Reader comment: It’s an admission of weakness and partisanship if a newspaper deletes a link. Being partisan is not bad – but not by pushing away unpleasant arguments – rather by countering with one's own.

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Western media constructs a totally separate reality for its audience

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RT Deutsch

Syrien: Tausende Christen fliehen vor ISIS

Syrien: Tausende Christen fliehen vor ISIS
„Wir haben Angst, dass ISIS, was Gott verhüten möge, die Stadt erobert. Wir würden das Zentrum des Christentums in unserem Bistum verlieren“, so Erzbischof Selwanos wörtlich. Sadad war bereits im Oktober 2013 kurzzeitig von einem Rebellenbündnis …
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ISIS bekennt sich zu Anschlägen in Beirut
Beirut – Zu den Anschlägen in einer Hisbollah-Hochburg in Beirut (41 Tote, 200 Verletzte), hat sich die Dschihadistenmiliz ISIS bekannt. In einer im Internet veröffentlichten Erklärung der Gruppe heißt es, in unmittelbarer Nähe einer schiitischen …
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Razzia in Antalya | 20 ISIS-Terroristen im Urlaubsparadies verhaftet
Die türkische Polizei sucht aber schon seit Wochen eine ISIS-Zelle in dieser Größenordnung, die Anschläge in der Türkei planen soll. Unter ihnen ist auch die Mönchengladbacherin Valentina S. Sie ist mit einem der türkischen ISIS-Mitglied verheiratet …
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